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Guidelines for Protected Area Legislation

Barbara., L. 2011. Guidelines for Protected Area Legislation. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland.

Chapter 10 of these extensive guidelines covers the topic of Enforcement and Compliance. The chapter reviews basic considerations important to include in protected areas legislation for compliance with and enforcement of regulated activities. It begins by providing context on the various tools available to promote compliance with protected areas legislation and the relationship of compliance to enforcement.

A Guide to Establishing a Program Compliance and Enforcement Plan

A Guide to Establishing a Program Compliance and Enforcement Plan. Pacific Islands Managed and Protected Areas Community (PIMPAC) document: Conservation Enforcement Training

This document is one of a series of practical guides designed to assist marine conservation programs and practitioners in planning, building, and implementing effective conservation compliance and enforcement action.

Fully Protected Marine Reserves: a Guide.

Roberts, C.M. and Hawkins,  J.P. 2000. Fully Protected Marine Reserves: a Guide. WWF Endangered Seas Campaign, Washington D.C.

This guide provides in-depth answers to 27 pertinent questions relating to full protected marine reserves. Question 26 asks the question “how should reserves be enforced?’ In answer to this question, Roberts and Hawkins discuss the importance of including stakeholders in reserve establishment, particularly fishermen.