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Governance And Legislation Guidance

PROTECTED AREAS: challenges and responses for the coming decade

This is the first of a new series of dialogues from Equilibrium Research, in light of current opportunities and pressures on protected areas, building up to the revision of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s biodiversity targets in 2020, the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and wider patterns of economic and social development. The views are those of the authors and represent no other organisation or institution.

Large Scale Marine Protected Areas - Guidelines for design and management

IUCN-WCPA’s Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines are the world’s authoritative resource for protected area managers. Involving collaboration among specialist practitioners dedicated to supporting better implementation of ideas in the field, the Guidelines distil learning and advice drawn from across IUCN. Applied in the field, they build institutional and individual capacity to manage protected area systems effectively, equitably and sustainably, and to cope with the myriad of challenges faced in practice.

A Global Register of Competences for Protected Area Practitioners

A Global Register of Competences for Protected Area Practitioners

As the global coverage of protected areas approaches 20% of the land surface and 10% of the sea surface, more and more individuals, agencies and communities are responsible for safeguarding the planet’s natural and associated cultural heritage. Managing protected areas is becoming more demanding and more diverse. Today’s managers, staff and stewards are expected to: