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Woods Hole expedition to the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA)

A team of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute scientists is currently researching coral reefs in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA), the Pacific Oceanscape’s foundation site. The reefs here have bleached and died for almost a century but have always recovered. The red hot question is why?

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Kiribati protects Phoenix Islands: Tourism Advisory Committee is organizing a retreat

The PIPA Tourism Advisory sub-committee is organizing a Retreat to be held at Tokaraetina Lodge in North Tarawa on Friday, 15th January returning Sunday the 17th January where they are going to review and update the existing Phoenix Island Protected Area [PIPA] Management Plan developed 7 years ago for the formulation of the PIPA Eco-tourism Investment Strategy.

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Directory of Wetlands of Kiribati 2014

This is an update of the wetland inventory for Kiribati (Scott 1983) which aims to strengthening their national baseline and state of knowledge of wetlands. Such baseline information would be valuable for informing conservation decisions, raising awareness of the importance of wetlands, influencing public perception of wetlands, creating ongoing monitoring, revealing trends over time, identifying priority sites for conservation management (e.g.