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MPA; management

Kiribati protects Phoenix Islands: Tourism Advisory Committee is organizing a retreat

The PIPA Tourism Advisory sub-committee is organizing a Retreat to be held at Tokaraetina Lodge in North Tarawa on Friday, 15th January returning Sunday the 17th January where they are going to review and update the existing Phoenix Island Protected Area [PIPA] Management Plan developed 7 years ago for the formulation of the PIPA Eco-tourism Investment Strategy.

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Fiji - District reps learn to manage MPAs

Twenty four representatives from the Cakaudrove, Bua and Macuata provinces converged on Bua Lomanikoro to learn about better managing their marine protected areas.

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UK: Governing Marine Protected Areas: Lyme Bay

The scientific case for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) is now overwhelming. The bigger question is how can they be managed more effectively? Fisheries scientists have long challenged the ‘sloppy thinking' behind Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). These are too often called for, they argue, ‘on the basis of close to zero evidence', by people whose real concern is not to conserve marine habitats but to ‘instil a sense of moral panic'. Read full story at the link below.