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Celebrating island biodiversity achievements in the Pacific : case studies from the Regional GEF-PAS Integrated Island Biodiversity Project

This inspiring collection of case studies tells the story of how four Pacific island countries are managing their island biodiversity in an integrated manner through the assistance of the UNEP Global Environment Facility's Pacific Alliance for Sustainability (GEF-PAS) project. This project has created a lasting legacy for others to scale up and replicate as we continue to work together as a region to protect and sustainably use our island biodiversity to sustain environmental, economic and human well-being of our Pacific peoples well into the future.

Niue - New Zealand announces funding to support whale research in Niue

Research to further help unlock the secrets of the Oceania Humpback Whale in Niue will take place with support from the government of New Zealand.  This will help further assist in the protection and conservation of humpback whales in the Pacific.

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Tonga coastal fisheries population struggling

Tonga's Ministry of Fisheries says the country's coastal fish population has declined by up to 50 percent over the past decade and remedial action is needed.

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