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area based management

New toolkit for site managers available on the Ramsar website

The Ramsar Secretariat is pleased to inform about a new toolkit for site managers available on the Ramsar website. This toolkit was designed to provide simple guidance to site managers on the key steps and components involved in managing a Ramsar Site. 

Click on the link below for further details.

EBM Toolbox: A new, short, and free primer on modern ocean management

Has having to figure out if you want to do management (EBM), integrated coastal zone management (ICZM), area based management (ABM), whole domain management (WDM), or marine spatial planning (MSP) got you down? You are in luck. A new paper published on for policy makers, managers, and students provides a short history of ocean management, its conceptual foundations, modern frameworks for it, and numerous real world examples of how these concepts and frameworks are being applied.

For more information, please click on the link below.