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Midway: Edge of Tomorrow

Filmmaker Ian Shive talks about his new Midway Atoll documentary, “Midway: Edge of Tomorrow”

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Interactive impacts of by‑catch take and elite consumption of illegal wildlife

Harvesting, consumption and trade of forest meat are key causes of biodiversity loss. Successful mitigation programs are proving difcult to design, in part because anthropogenic pressures are treated as internationally uniform. Despite illegal hunting being a key conservation issue in the Pacifc Islands, there is a paucity of research. Here, we examine the dynamics of hunting of birds and determine how these contribute to biodiversity loss on the islands of Samoa.

Climate change and the birds of Micronesia

Efforts to preserve island birds throughout Micronesia are taking place. In Pohnpei, research on the population biology and habitat use of the Micronesian kingfishers is being undertaken, and the results will be applied toward the captive management of the species and reintroduction planning.

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