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Marine Biological Surveys of Coral Reefs in the Northern Lau Group

The province of Lau, located in Fiji’s Eastern Division,comprises 60 islands and islets collectively known asthe Lau Group. The Lau Group has been identified as anarea of national significance and high priority for marineprotection. On 20 February 2016, Fiji was hit by Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston that caused widespread damage across the country. Cyclone Winston made first landfall through the Eastern Division, severely damagingthe islands and diverse ecosystems of Northern Lau.

Fiji - Reef systems show resilience

The "Marine Biological Survey of Coral Reefs in the northern Lau Group" report revealed that Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston affected half of the 33 reef sites surveyed.

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International Year of the Reef 2018 - Find us online

A key to making the International Year of the Reef a success is making sure that people can find us in order to learn about the events and organizations that they can get involved with.

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Restoring Coral Reefs Is Possible and Surprisingly Fast

Coral reefs make up less than one-quarter of 1 percent of the Earth's surface, yet supply resources worth an estimated $375 billion annually. Unfortunately, corals are in severe decline. There may, however, be hope, even for damaged reefs, as new technology offers a chance for reefs to regrow at a surprisingly fast pace.

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Coral Reef Conservation Fund 2018 Request for Proposals

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) will award grants to improve the health of coral reefs and coral reef ecosystems. Grants will be awarded to reduce land-based sources of pollution, advance coral reef fisheries management, support recovery and resilience of coral reef systems and improve watershed management planning.

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IRCP-CRIOBE GRANTS 2018 - applications now open!

In the context of a partnership between Institute for Pacific Coral Reefs (IRCP) and two french polynesian firms, Société des Nouveaux Hôtels (SNH) et Société Polynésienne de Développement Durable (SPDD), some grants are available to young scientists (PhD, Post-doctorate or degrees of similar levels  – < 35 yrs) of French nationality or foreigners to conduct a scientific project in the French Polynesia coral reefs.

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Plastic ocean litter boosts deadly infections in corals

Garbage like disposable diapers, plastic bags and snack wrappers is getting into the ocean and snagging on coral reefs, leading to deadly infections that literally eat the corals alive, a new study suggests.

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