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Intact forests are critically important, say scientists

A new study discusses how intact forests are critically important for mitigating climate change, maintaining water supplies, safeguarding biodiversity and even protecting human health.

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What works in conservation? In-depth series starts next week

How do you solve a conservation problem?..Do you protect a wild leopard that has entered a village by removing it and releasing it into a forest far, far away? Or do you work with the people living in the village and help them live with the leopards and other wildlife that might stray into their backyards? Do you save a patch of tropical forest by declaring it a protected area and keeping people out? Or do you let local communities take charge? The answers to these questions are, as might be expected, not straightforward. But we do need answers.

2017 International Day of Forests: Forests and Energy - Papua New Guinea

According to Papua New Guinea’s Forest Authority, PNG has a total land area of 46.284 million hectares of which some 29.437 million hectares is estimated to contain forest cover...While PNG may boast about its forest cover, it should also be brought to light that deforestation is reducing levels of forest cover, and degradation is changing the nature of a significant portion of the nation’s forests.

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