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Fiji - Environment lawyers talk fisheries management

Efforts to strengthen current law and policy frameworks in the area of fisheries management and marine protected areas has initiated discussions between the Fiji Environmental Law Association (FELA) and stakeholders today in Suva.

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A political future for protected areas

Protected areas continue to grow in importance as a land-use. The latest assessment lists over 200,000 protected
areas, covering 15.4% of the land and inland waters and 8.4%of seas within national jurisdiction. This brings within reach
the Convention on Biological Diversity’s target of 17% for terrestrial protected areas and 10% for marine protected
areas by 2020. Percentage coverage is easiest to track but improving ecological representation, management effectiveness

Large Scale Marine Protected Areas - Guidelines for design and management

IUCN-WCPA’s Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines are the world’s authoritative resource for protected area managers. Involving collaboration among specialist practitioners dedicated to supporting better implementation of ideas in the field, the Guidelines distil learning and advice drawn from across IUCN. Applied in the field, they build institutional and individual capacity to manage protected area systems effectively, equitably and sustainably, and to cope with the myriad of challenges faced in practice.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you got started in MPAs? Insights from practitioners

In the 18 years that MPA News has been in publication, we have asked practitioners for lessons learned, and practices developed. We have published numerous tips on how to work more efficiently or effectively. But we have not asked you for the most fundamental, essential advice you have gained from your work. We do make that request this month, and we’ll continue to do so in future issues. We are asking practitioners: What do you know now that you wish you had known when you got started in the MPA field?

Fiji - New FAO training program launched

A new training program implanted by FAO for Biodiversity Conservation and Protected Area Management in Fiji was recently announced.

The program aims at providing the necessary knowledge and skills at various levels of society to implement the International Convention of Biodiversity (CBD).   The Fijian Minister for Forests, Osea Naiqamu, launched the training course program in the Fijian capital of Suva.

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Project to safeguard protected areas hailed - Jamaica

A project to strengthen the operational and financial sustainability of Jamaica’s national system of protected areas is being hailed as a success after six years of implementation.

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“Knowledge is power” - SPREP and UN Environment partners...

The Pacific islands will play a crucial role as the Call for Action Declaration comes into being at the UN Ocean Conference in June this year. Home to over 10 per cent of the planet's oceans, the Pacific islands continue to work together to help shape global ocean management, the issue at the helm of the milestone global oceans conference.