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marine protected areas

Putting the 'P' in MPA: Update on the future of IUU fisheries enforcement, and how MPAs can now get involved

In Chile in September at the Fourth International MPA Congress, there was a side event on satellite-based surveillance of illegal fisheries. It was unique in that there were several Chilean naval officers in uniform in the audience. And the first speaker offered what was perhaps the most memorable line of the conference: “Are we at a point where we may finally put the ‘P’ in MPA?”

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Australia pushes Antarctic marine park with France

Australia and France are making a fresh bid to create almost one million square kilometres of marine parks in East Antarctica, but must first overcome opposition from China and Russia.

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Fiji - Yacata Island to declare Tabu Area

On Fiji’s Independence Day, the 10th of October 2017, the community of Yacata Island declared a part of their traditional fishing grounds a no-take marine protected area or tabu in Fijian.

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Oceans protected with new safe havens

The tiny Pacific island nation of Niue has plans to create a huge marine sanctuary to combat overfishing. It's one of several marine protected areas announced over past weeks.

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From science to solutions: The MPA legacy from the 2016 Hawai'i World Conservation Congress

Every four years IUCN hosts a World Conservation Congress (WCC) which brings together thousands of leaders and decision-makers from government, civil society, indigenous groups, business and academia from around the planet to discuss the most pressing environmental issues of our time...The Hawai'i Congress was a major success whether viewed from the conservation angle, from the position of business, civil society, youth or Governments.

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Scientists pan proposal to open pristine Pacific islands to fishing

Marine scientists are warning that if the Trump administration rescinds fishing protections around eight Pacific islands, the United States will lose one of its best laboratories for measuring how a warming climate affects marine life.

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