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marine resources

Pure Ocean: Call for projects 2018

Pure Ocean is looking for projects in five major areas of the world: Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and polar regions.

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Fiji - Proactive measures to ensure sustainability: Fisheries

The establishment of moratoriums, total bans, seasonal closures and size limits are some of the proactive approaches taken by the Fisheries Ministry to ensure sustainability of marine resources.

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Ocean conservation, island lifestyle

Conservation starts at home and includes conserving energy and water as well as reducing the use of plastic bags and plastic utensils.Marine resources should also be protected.

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Fiji - Keep what we have

Villagers living on Vio Island off the coast of Lautoka have been reminded of the importance of sustainability and the conservation of marine resources.

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Fiji - Vatuvara Foundation Blog - now live

The Vatuvara Foundation's blog on their recent marine survey with the WCS is now live. The blog outlines  survey findings by Vatuvara Foundation and WCS, along with links to download the full report.The blog and report is available on both Vatuvara Foundation and WCS websites.

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Marine Biological Surveys of Coral Reefs in the Northern Lau Group

The province of Lau, located in Fiji’s Eastern Division,comprises 60 islands and islets collectively known asthe Lau Group. The Lau Group has been identified as anarea of national significance and high priority for marineprotection. On 20 February 2016, Fiji was hit by Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston that caused widespread damage across the country. Cyclone Winston made first landfall through the Eastern Division, severely damagingthe islands and diverse ecosystems of Northern Lau.

The ups and downs of marine protected areas: Examining the evidence

To find out if marine protected areas achieve their environmental and socioeconomic goals, we read 42 scientific studies and talked to seven experts. Overall, marine protected areas do appear to help marine animals recover within their boundaries. But a lot more rigorous research is needed.

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Ocean, Maritime, Fisheries To Be Topics At PALM8

Ocean, maritime issues and fisheries will again be highlighted in the forthcoming 8th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM8), in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14.

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Special focus on the Pacific

A joint media release issued yesterday by the EU, Sweden Sverige and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFs), said a number of EU projects were launched yesterday to support International Ocean governance, with a special emphasis being put on the Pacific.