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marine species

Conservation success: Buoyed hopes for sea turtles

After half a century of conservation efforts, scientists are seeing long-term growth in some populations of the globe’s seven species of sea turtles

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New Species of Sponges Found on the Pacific Seafloor

Thirteen thousand feet deep, on the cold, dark desert of the Pacific Ocean seafloor, scientists have discovered new sponges living on rock nodules targeted for deep-sea mining.

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United States - Industry turning blind eye on UN high seas treaty

The seafood industry has largely stayed out of negotiations for a new international treaty that would allow for marine protected areas (MPAs) on the high seas, said the leader of the main industry organization participating in the treaty process.

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Tough new fish conservation rules in Fiji

Fiji is introducing a series of tough new ocean conservation measures to preserve fish stocks. Among other things they are introducing a ban on catching, trading, eating or exporting groupers and coral trout during their spawning season...

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PNA - Tuna Market Intelligence

Skipjack prices in Bangkok have risen to $2,100 per metric ton while other regions are leading at $2,200. The expectation is that Bangkok will soon follow this lead. The current WCPFC FAD ban, the 72 day closure of purse seine fishing in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, coupled with imminent closures in the Indian Ocean and poor catches can be expected to push prices even higher in the next quarter.

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Fishing practices and representations of shark conservation issues among users of a land-based shark angling online forum

Recreational fisheries can play a significant role in the population dynamics of threatened fish species, but have received much less research and management attention than commercial fisheries. Land-based anglers are a group of recreational fishers that fish from beaches or piers; however, comparatively little is known about the practices and perceptions of this stakeholder group.

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ISSF welcomes FAD measures, calls on IATTC to tackle remaining issues

Conservation proposals that were submitted to the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) but not addressed at its recent meeting in Mexico need to be tackled at the next meeting...Topics that still need to be tackled following the July meeting include the introduction of conservation measures for sharks, turtles, and manta rays...

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