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Signals from the South; Humpback Whales Carry Messages of Antarctic Sea-ice Ecosystem Variability

Southern hemisphere humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) rely on summer prey abundance of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) to fuel one of the longest-known mammalian migration on the planet. It is hypothesised that this species, already adapted to endure metabolic extremes, will be one of the first Antarctic consumers to show measurable physiological change in response to fluctuating prey availability in a changing climate...

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Fishing commission’s moves on conservation praised

The Pacific environmental agency SPREP says it's happy with the progress made on conservation issues at the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission meeting in The Philippines last week.

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UNGA Adopts Resolutions on Oceans

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted two resolutions that aim to advance implementation of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and tackle illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

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United States - Groups Ready Suit Over Humpback Whale Protection

Fishing nets are just one of many problems the humpback whale population faces along the Pacific Coast, and a conservation group says the Trump administration is not doing enough to protect the whale’s habitat.

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2018 Boyd N Lyon Graduate Student Scholarship

The Ocean Foundation and The Boyd Lyon Sea Turtle Fund seek applicants for the Boyd N. Lyon Scholarship, for the academic year 2018. This Scholarship was created in honor of the late Boyd N. Lyon, a true friend and respected researcher who had a unique passion for the study and preservation of the majestic sea turtle..,Applications are invited from Masters and Ph.D.

Conserving the Pacific’s fish stocks

The western and central Pacific Ocean is home to the world’s most productive tuna fisheries, supplying global markets with canned tuna, sashimi and other tuna products...Conservation is increasingly a concern as some tuna and associated species are threatened by overfishing. 

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SPREP Job Vacancies

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) invites applications from interested and suitably qualified persons for the following positions:

1) CLIMATE CHANGE RESILLIANCE - Oceanography Officer (Previously known as Pacific Islands Global Ocean Observing System Officer)

2) ISLAND AND OCEAN ECOSYSTEMS - Threatened and Migratory Species Adviser

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Applications Close: Friday 12 January 2018



Studying the shark cafe

Harry Rabin has been chasing great white sharks in the Pacific Ocean lately, and he’s using the information he’s gathered to help with ocean conservation in Hawaii.

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