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Solomon Islands - Call for Registration is NOW OPEN! - 1st National Resource Management Symposium: 2nd - 6th October 2017

The first ever National Resource Management Symposium will be held in Honiara, Solomon Islands on the 2nd  - 6th October 2017 with the theme "Connecting People to Nature -  A Decade of Learning". This weeklong Event will be held at the following locations: Heritage Park Hotel, Solomon Islands National University - School of Nature Resource and the Art Galley Area.

The Call for Registration is now OPEN

The Working Committee welcomes two registration submissions from each Organisation. 

The need for Green

The health of biodiversity affects us. And what you do affects biodiversity. Everything we do either uses natural resources or returns them as waste. The amount of land and resources that a population or a person uses is called an ecological footprint. We all can do things to make our personal footprints smaller.


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