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Fiji - Billions lost in our oceans

Fiji is set to lose $2.4 billion per annum from 2050 onwards as a result of our depleting marine ecosystem.

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World Ocean Council (WOC) white paper released

OCEAN / MARITIME CLUSTERS: Leadership and Collaboration for Ocean Sustainable Development and Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Managing marine socio-ecological systems: picturing the future

What do you get when a lawyer, a modeller, an economist, a social scientist and an ecologist talk about the ocean? Besides an interesting conversation, it is likely there will be some consideration of how to solve many of the problems facing marine ecosystems around the world.

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Training Opportunity in oceanographic observations - POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowships

This programme is jointly funded by POGO and the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) and is designed to promote training and capacity building leading towards a global observation scheme for the oceans.The fellowship program is open to scientists, technicians, postgraduate students (preferably of PhD level) and post-doctoral fellows of developing countries and countries with economies in transition and involved in oceanographic work.

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The fifth World Ocean Summit 2018

The fifth World Ocean Summit will be held at Riviera Maya, Mexico, on March 7th-9th 2018 and will grapple with some of the ocean's most intractable problems--and explore new possibilities.

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