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Challenges, successes, and lessons from building effective MPA manager networks: Part II - The regional networks

When each of us faces a challenge in life, our first reaction is often to ask a trusted friend or colleague, “Have you also faced this? If so, how did you handle it?” It’s the same in MPA planning and management. Practitioners face a common set of challenges – enforcement, engaging stakeholders, monitoring, fundraising, and more...

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New web-based tool - Classification system for MPAs

This website was developed as a tool to managers, scientists and users of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). With this tool, you can classify any MPA based on the regulations (allowed uses) which apply to those areas. 

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The Achilles heel of participatory conservation

Although participatory planning for conservation has gained prominence over the past few decades, whether this process is successful in protecting biodiversity is still controversial.

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From displacement activities to evidence-informed decisions in conservation

This paper highlights a disjunction between the basic motivation of conservation planners, policy-makers, and managers, which is to make a positive difference for biodiversity, and many of our day-to-day activities, which are tangential (at best) to the goal of avoiding biodiversity loss.

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New publication – the Future has other plans: Planning holistically to conserve natural and cultural heritage

Crisis has enveloped the more than 200,000 nationally and regionally protected natural and cultural heritage sites around the world. Heritage managers – those who manage natural sites such as national parks, wilderness areas, and biosphere reserves, as well as those who manage cultural sites including historic monuments, battlefields, heritage cities, and ancient rock art sites – face an urgent need to confront this crisis, and each day that they don't, more of our planet's common heritage disappears.