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protected area management

Bigger or better: The relative benefits of protected area network expansion and enforcement for the conservation of an exploited species

The global portfolio of protected areas is growing rapidly, despite widely recognized shortfalls in management effectiveness. Pressure to meet area-coverage and management effectiveness objectives makes it essential to determine how limited conservation funds should be allocated between expanding protected area networks and better enforcing existing reserves. We formally explore this question for the particular case of an exploited species in a partially protected system, using a general model linking protection, enforcement and legal/illegal resource extraction. 

The PNG-METT: A method for assessing effectiveness in Papua New Guinea’s protected areas, August 2017

In 2015–2017, the Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG), through its Conservation and Environmental Protection Authority (CEPA) and with the support of United Nations Development Program (UNDP), organised an evaluation of its protected areas, as part of the process to improve management effectiveness. PNG’s Policy on Protected Areas commits to regular evaluation of management effectiveness and to taking remedial action to improve effectiveness over time.

Global New Review of Social Indicators used in Protected Area Management Evaluation

Social considerations in conservation are increasingly recognized as important for successful environmental outcomes. However, social measures lack consistency and may underreport key issues. This article analyzes social indicators and well-being dimensions used in protected area effectiveness tools, with specific attention to local communities and Indigenous peoples’ contexts. 

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Graduate Certificate in Protected Area Management - University of Montana

The Protected Area Management Distance Education Program (PAMDEP) graduate certificate provides students and professionals with training and expertise in the key topics related to protected area management. Courses cover the history and philosophy of the global protected area system, laws and policy and international conventions.

2017 International Day of Forests: Forests and Energy - Papua New Guinea

According to Papua New Guinea’s Forest Authority, PNG has a total land area of 46.284 million hectares of which some 29.437 million hectares is estimated to contain forest cover...While PNG may boast about its forest cover, it should also be brought to light that deforestation is reducing levels of forest cover, and degradation is changing the nature of a significant portion of the nation’s forests.

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