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IRCP-CRIOBE GRANTS 2018 - applications now open!

In the context of a partnership between Institute for Pacific Coral Reefs (IRCP) and two french polynesian firms, Société des Nouveaux Hôtels (SNH) et Société Polynésienne de Développement Durable (SPDD), some grants are available to young scientists (PhD, Post-doctorate or degrees of similar levels  – < 35 yrs) of French nationality or foreigners to conduct a scientific project in the French Polynesia coral reefs.

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IMBeR ClimEco6 Summer School - Interdisciplinary approaches for sustainable oceans

The ClimEco6 Summer School aims to contribute to the development of the next generation of interdisciplinary marine researchers. Drawing on the expertise of lecturers from the natural, social and economic sciences, participants will develop a strong theoretical and applied understanding of each discipline, and how they can be integrated to solve some of the challenges facing the oceans. 

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Ten Institutes Join the Nereus Program

Launched in September 2011, the program is an international collaboration between The Nippon Foundation and the University of British Columbia with the aim to make comprehensive forecasts of the ocean’s future...

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