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Samoa's proposal accepted by international conservation convention

The 12th Conference of Parties of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS COP12) today accepted the proposal by Samoa and Sri Lanka to list the blue shark on CMS Appendix II, acknowledging that the species is currently under threat and would benefit from collaborative conservation measures.

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Samoa steps up to protect Blue Shark

Approximately 20 million Blue Sharks are killed each year, propelling Samoa and Sri Lanka to jointly propose to place the species on a special global list asking countries to conserve them and protect their habitat.
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Fishing practices and representations of shark conservation issues among users of a land-based shark angling online forum

Recreational fisheries can play a significant role in the population dynamics of threatened fish species, but have received much less research and management attention than commercial fisheries. Land-based anglers are a group of recreational fishers that fish from beaches or piers; however, comparatively little is known about the practices and perceptions of this stakeholder group.

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