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Pacific Islands Tourism Professional Fellows Program - Fall 2018

The East-West Center's Pacific Islands Development Program (PIDP) is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the Fall Cohort of the Pacific Islands Tourism Professional Fellows Program in 2018-2019.

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Message of the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Dr. Cristiana Paşca Palmer, on the occasion of the World Tourism Day

Tourism is central to economies around the world. The sector generates 10 per cent of the world’s Gross Development Product, 30 per cent of global trade in services, and 1 out of every 10 jobs. For many of the billions of tourists each year, visiting natural areas is the primary motive for travelling, creating an ideal opportunity for promoting awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the urgent need for its conservation.

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Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity to release new publication on tourism concessions and partnerships in parks

The tourism sector is recognized as the largest global market-based contributor to the financing of protected area systems in many countries... However, most countries currently underuse tourism as a means to contribute towards the financial sustainability of protected areas. This new publication aims to assist countries in addressing this gap.

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Mapping the global value and distribution of global coral reef tourism

Global coral reef related tourism is one of the most significant examples of nature-based tourism from a single ecosystem. Coral reefs attract foreign and domestic visitors and generate revenues, including foreign exchange earnings, in over 100 countries and territories. Understanding the full value of coral reefs to tourism, and the spatial distribution of these values, provides an important incentive for sustainable reef management. 

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