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Sustainable Financing Mechanisms for Coral Reef Conservation.

Hooten, A.J., Hatziolos, M.E. 1995.  Proceedings of a workshop held at The World Bank, Washington, D.C. June 23, 1995. Sustainable Financing Mechanisms for Coral Reef Conservation. Environmentally Sustainable Development Proceedings Series No. 9.

Although this is an old document, it describes many methods of financing coral reef and protected area management that could be useful to practitioners in the Pacific Islands region.

The first section is a discussion on the proposal for a global representative system of marine protected areas. This is followed by explanations of: financing and sustaining coral reef conservation initiatives; income-generating opportunities and environmental limitations; creation of a planning and investment framework through partnerships. The document concludes with a summary of the group discussions held during the workshop and a description of the challenges ahead.