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Upper Mataniko River, Solomon Islands. ©Stuart Chape

Launched on 27 June 2019, the Barana Community Nature and Heritage Park and its Environment and Resilience Center is a milestone for community-based conservation in Solomon Islands. Owned by the Barana Community, the park spans approximately 5,000 hectares of forest area in the upper catchment of the Mataniko river, one of the largest river catchments draining Honiara city. Management objectives of the Park include the conservation and rehabilitation of vulnerable ecosystems to safeguard their role in building social and economic resilience to climate change. The area includes a number of World War II viewpoints and battle sites which makes it an important part of the heritage of greater Honiara. Development of the park includes activities such as reforestation to reduce flood risks, replanting of stream or watershed areas to reduce soil erosion, sustainable land-use management activities, land-use mapping, development of eco-tourism activities and nature based income generation activities.