Belau Locally Managed Area Network (BLMA)

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Since 2002, the Helen Reef Resource Management Project in Palau has been active in Locally-Managed Marine Area (LMMA) Network activities. In 2008, the Palau LMMA Network changed its name to the Belau Locally Managed Area Network (BLMA) in order to reflect the terrestrial efforts of its members as well and to use the traditional name.

LMMA Network activities in Palau have been focused in the capital of Koror and in Hatohobei State in the southwest islands. The LMMA work in Palau has contributed to building capacity in needed areas to provide natural and social resource awareness to leadership and communities, and to monitor progress of their efforts to raise awareness and effectively manage their resources. The Palau Conservation Society is an active supporter of the BLMA.