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The Agence des Aires Marines Protégées is a public administrative body established in 2006.  It is mainly responsible for establishing and managing a network of marine protected areas (MPAs) in French waters.

To fulfil this role, the agency has completed a strategic regional analysis to locate and qualify the issues facing the marine environment in various regions.  It then proposes the establishment of MPAs and management strategies suited to each marine region.

They play a supporting role for local authorities to create protected or managed marine areas in New Caledonia and French Polynesia.


Direction de L’Environnement de Polynésie Française

Information about the extent of protected areas in French Polynesia can be found at the web site Direction de l'Environnement de Polynésie Française.

Since 1952, 192 natural sites and monuments have been establihsed through the code of development of French Polynesia. Each site is classified according to their mangement objectives, under one of the following six categories:I - Strict nature reserve / wilderness area; II - Territorial Park; III - Natural Monument; IV - Management Area habitats or species; V - Protected Landscape, VI - Managed Resource Protected Area.  

Managed and protected natural areas are protected under various legal mechnisms (e.g. environment code, fisheries regulations etc) and are varied in ecology and location (e.g. wetlands, forests, coastal and lagoon).  Despite their designations, there has been little management to date. The Department for the Environment is currently working to try to improve management through strengthening committees, writing management plans and identifying conservation gaps and priority areas to ensure that there is a representative system of all natural environments in French Polynesia.


Mata Tohora

Nombreux sont ceux qui nous ont sollicités pour créer une association… L’esprit de Mata Tohora est donc de fédérer tous les passionnés de mammifères marins, amateurs ou professionnels.

Basée à Tahiti, Mata Tohora est une association polynésienne à buts scientifique et pédagogique.  Elle a pour objectif la conservation des mammifères marins et la protection de leur habitat par l’étude et la communication.

Plusieurs activités et évènements vous seront proposés tout au long de l’année sur l’ensemble de la Polynésie française : études, stages, conférences, formations d’éco-volontaires, sensibilisation dans les écoles, etc.

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Te Mana O Te Moana

Promotes environmental awareness for the public, especiallychildren, through school programmes and communication material aimed ata better understanding of the local natural heritage and its fragile balance in French Polynesia.