Grand Obesrvatoire de l'Environnement et de la Biodiversité Terrestre et Marine du Pacifique Sud / South Pacific Integrated Obseravtory for Environment and Terrestrial Biodiveristy (GOPS)

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GOPS develops, coordinates and ensures consistency of local systems and observation networks, platforms and marine stations in the region to create structure and harmony for spatial models for environmental research.

The objectives are:
- Establish, develop, coordinate and pool systems and observational networks so as to organize, harmonize and model observations for research on terrestrial and marine ecosystems, biodiversity and natural as well as anthropogenic environmental impacts;
- Optimize, consolidate and share sea equipment (research vessels, instruments) and new or existing regional technical platforms (molecular biology, computing, etc.);
- Support and coordinate the activities of research teams through joint programs, thematic workshops, collaborative responses to national, European and international calls for tenders, recruitment and acquisition of shared equipment;
- Participate in the development of Master degree programs, especially in the South Pacific, by supporting initiatives of the Université de Nouvelle-Calédonie and the Université de Polynésie Française;
- Provide expertise and advisory services to government organisations and communities for monitoring and ensuring adequate environmental conservation and rehabilitation of sites, and the promotion of natural heritage;
- Strengthen international scientific cooperation, especially with universities and research organisations in the region.