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This project will establish a Pacific Island Country (PIC) network of national and regional databases for monitoring, evaluating, and analysing environmental information to support environmental planning, forecasting, and reporting requirements at all levels.
The goals of this project are to:

  • Strengthen the legal, policy, and planning frameworks to support collection and sharing of environmental data
  • Establish a network of national and regional databases for monitoring the state of the Pacific environment 
  • Strengthen Convention reporting, policy development, and monitoring and evaluation requirements on the state of the global, regional, and national environment
  • Facilitate the use of environmental data for national planning and sustainable development.
  • Generate data through the planning and impact assessment processes.
  • Assist PICs with meeting legislated national reporting requirements including State of Environment (SoE) reporting. 
  • Establish capacity at the national and regional levels to manage a network of national and regional databases.
  • Build institutional capacities of governments to share data, information and knowledge to enable streamlines reporting and informed decision-making