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The MacArthur Foundation usually provides grants to NGOs who submit a letter of inquiry after ensuring that their proposed project would be eligible. However, in certain situations, profit organizations and individuals can also be provided with grants. MacArthur’s Conservation and Sustainable Development Strategy (CSD) 2013 contains a Coastal and Marine Strategy which is supporting the following interventions in Melanesia in 2013/14:
1) Build local and regional awareness of threats to coastal fisheries and policies that support local management options;
2) Build capacity of communities to implement local fisheries management;
3) Build a policy/economic environment supportive of local management;
4) Develop national and regional networks (i.e. Locally Managed Marine Areas Network) to facilitate wider and more rapid uptake of effective and replicable local fisheries management approaches;
5) Innovate and pilot better practices for implementing local fisheries management;
6) Monitor the impacts of investments to improve local management and ecosystem health.
The next time that the MacArthur Foundation will be accepting letters of inquiry for Melanesia will be 2016.