Palau Protected Areas Network (PAN)

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The Palau Protected Areas Network (PAN) was established by national law in 2003, establishing a framework for a national system of protected areas. State, community, and private protected areas may apply for membership which enables access to technical resources, participation in a national monitoring system, and eligibility for national funding. PAN member sites must have a management plan that meets specific criteria to access PAN funds. In return, states and communities owning PAN member sites agree to effectively conserve the natural resources in the protected areas.

A combination of watershed and coastal/marine areas are included in the PAN sites which number more than 40 conservation areas. In order for a Palauan site to count towards the Micronesia Challenge it must be part of the PAN. The Palau Conservation Society is responsible for the work of the PAN and partners with national and state governments and communities to strengthen and implement the PAN.