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Seas At Risk

Our vision

Healthy marine ecosystems whose benefits can be enjoyed now and in the future.


Seas At Risk is an umbrella organisation of environmental NGOs from across Europe that promotes ambitious policies for marine protection at European and international level.

Guiding Principles

Seas At Risk aims at the protection and restoration of the marine environment. While the work of Seas At Risk reaches into every corner of concern about the marine environment, and while we regularly work on a multitude of different marine environmental issues, there are some basic principles that transcend individual issues and guide the direction of our work.


To guarantee that the human use of, or interaction with, the living parts of the marine environment be sustainable in perpetuity, without causing environmental degradation or harm to the maintenance of natural processes and the ecological balance. In respect of non-renewable marine resources, human exploitation must take place in a time-frame that allows for the development of sustainable alternatives, and should not result in environmental degradation or harm to the maintenance of natural processes. Processes and environments that are of no obvious use to man must be protected equally with those that are.