Solomon Islands Community Conservation Partnership (SICCP)

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The mission of SICCP to bridge local conservation, sustainable development, and resource management efforts with broader national and international initiatives to ensure financial sustainability and sound stewardship of the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Solomon Islands.

The mission is guided by the following values and beliefs:

  • We value traditional systems of decision-making and the right of Solomon Islanders to determine their future and relationship with the land and sea.
  • We value and acknowledge the relationships between biodiversity, culture, and human wellbeing that tie Solomon Islands societies to their customary lands. These relationships have the right to persist and compel careful stewardship by Solomon Islanders and all humanity alike.
  • We value and respect each other and the partnerships we build in pursuit of our mission. Honest, transparent, and meaningful partnerships are the best means of confronting the challenges facing the Solomon Islands.
  • We value the health and integrity of Solomon Islands society, and humanity more broadly, and its deep connection to the health of customary lands and vibrant marine ecosystems.