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10th conference flyer

There have been nine Nature Conservation and Protected Areas Conferences in the Pacific since 1975 with the last conference being held in Fiji in November 2013. The 10th Conference is to be held 20- 24 April 2020, prior to the end of the United Nations Decade for Biodiversity 2011-2020. This gives the Pacific an important opportunity to review progress on the achievement of global conservation targets the Aichi targets and to influence the global vision for conservation beyond 2020. Nature conservation programmes in the Pacific Island countries and territories are guided by this regional conservation conference that has met every four to five years since 1975. The principal gathering of government agencies, non-government organisations, community based organisations, donor agencies and other stakeholders concerned with conservation science and practice in the Pacific Islands region. An excellent platform to set a Pacific based and initiated agenda for Pacific conservation beyond 2020. The Conference will also celebrate the 2nd Pacific Island Environmental Leadership Awards.



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