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marine spatial planning

Call for Papers on marine spatial planning

While area-based approaches to marine management have a long history, Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) has risen to become the dominant marine management paradigm...While MSP has become a popular subject of academic scrutiny, there is a dearth of theoretically-informed, social science MSP papers. This has resulted in calls for a critical turn in MSP scholarship. We view this Thematic Series as an opportunity to answer these calls.

Philippines - Drones to be used in conservation efforts

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UEVs) or drones can become an essential tool in environmental protection and conservation conference...Drones are especially useful in drawing up a successful protected area management plan.

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EBM Toolbox: A new, short, and free primer on modern ocean management

Has having to figure out if you want to do management (EBM), integrated coastal zone management (ICZM), area based management (ABM), whole domain management (WDM), or marine spatial planning (MSP) got you down? You are in luck. A new paper published on for policy makers, managers, and students provides a short history of ocean management, its conceptual foundations, modern frameworks for it, and numerous real world examples of how these concepts and frameworks are being applied.

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New tools, resources set for major rollout

A new plan for the rollout of innovative tools and resources for coastal planners and managers was prepared when more than 30 CCRES team members met in Bali during February. The Capturing Coral Reef & Related Ecosystem Services (CCRES) project demonstrates how coastal communities in the developing world can sustainably capture the benefits of ecosystem services.

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