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Lake Lanotoo National Park, Samoa. Credit - V. Jungblut

The national park is located in the central highlands of the main island of Upolu and consists of three small crater lakes, Lake Lanoto’o, Lanoata’ata and Lanoanea. The national park covers an area of 8,500 hectares, located in the uplands of the island of Upolu amongst tropical rainforest and offers stunning views and great bird watching. The national park supports endemic bird species such as the endangered Tooth-billed Pigeon (Didunculus strigirostris), and the endangered Mao (Gymnomyza samoensis), as well as the Samoan Starling (Aplonis atrifusca), Samoan Whistler (Pachycephala flavifrons), Samoan Broadbill (Myiagra albiventris) and Samoan Triller (Lalage sharpei). Lake Lanoto’o national park is Samoa’s first wetland of international importance (or Ramsar site) under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.