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Browse Pacific Island Protected Area Portal (PIPAP) Resources

The resources included here have been categorized into the following subjects and are intended to be relevant to protected area practitioners working the Pacific Islands. These subject-areas were refined through a Needs Assessment Survey for a Pacific Islands Protected Area Portal (PIPAP).


Browse Pacific Environment Information Network (PEIN) Best Management Practices

Lessons Learned and Best Practices in Environment Management is a browsable directory of lessons learned and best practices in environment managment from around the Pacific region and abroad.  The intention of this directory is to provide a one stop-shop access point for easy access.  If you have in your possession any relevant document(s) that should be included in this directory, whether in hardcopy or digital form, you are welcome to send for inclusion to [email protected]


Search SPREP Virtual Library

The SPREP Library provides access to the Pacific environment-related information resources for SPREP staff, members and external stakeholders. Our collection includes resources on pollution and waste management, geosciences, energy development, climate change, environmental sciences, biological diversity, environmental governance and monitoring etc.


Search Convention on Biological Diversity’s (CBD’s) Programme of Work on protected Areas (PoWPAs)

There is no shortage of tools and resources to help in the implementation of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas, but they are often dispersed and difficult to find in one place. This site enables you to quickly find and browse for tools by searching each of the different goals of the Programme of Work, searching specific topics and types of tools and resources, and by searching by language and geography. 


Search Reef Manager Toolbox

The Reef Manager ToolBox is a collection of manuals and guidebooks that have been developed by various projects, organizations and initiatives. These guides all aim to assist in the effective monitoring and management of reef resources.


Search IUCN Publications

IUCN has one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of authoritative publications, reports, guidelines and databases for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.


Access IUCN WCPA Publications

The IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) produces a wide range of authoritative publications, reports, and guidelines for protected area practitioners.


Search UNEP-WCMC Publications

UNEP-WCMC provides authoritative information about biodiversity and ecosystem services in a wide range of publications, reports, guidelines and databases.


Search JRC Publications

The JRC Publications Repository is an online service giving access to data about research publications produced by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC). Where possible, it provides access to full-text publications. The selected publications below provide an overview of relevant EC and JRC activities within the ACP countries. Please contact us if you want us to include a relevant publication here.