Total PAs: 708
GIS Area: 2,723,116
Reported area: 2,224,239 km2
Total PAs: 158
GIS Area: 20,809
Reported area: 27,377 km2
Total PAs: 204
GIS Area: 39,679
Reported area: 35,774 km2
Total PAs: 346
GIS Area: 2,662,628
Reported area: 2,161,088 km2
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Most protected areas in the world are affected to some degree by invasive species.  The spread of plants and animals across the world has been...
This page is intended to provide you with links to relevant jobs search pages for the field of protected area implementation.  If you are on the...
About Terms of Reference Action Plan 2014 – 2020 PAWG Presentation at Annual Meeting, Suva, Fiji, July 2015   Members...
The following links provide guidance on some of the scholarships, grants and financial management assistance that could be available to Pacific...
Protected Area targets have been set globally, regionally, and sometimes at a country level. The global targets for all countries that are...
The Pacific Islands are extremely vulnerable to the effects of a changing climate.  However, incorporating climate change components into...
The resources outlined below are designed to assist practitioners in the challenging area of governing protected areas.  This subject area is...
There are various conservation processes which have been tried and tested in the Pacific Islands.  These include, the Conservation Action...
Country-based and locally-based protected area partnerships are gradually becoming more wide-spread throughout the Pacific Islands. This is partly...
​The objective of monitoring and evaluation is to determine if the management plan and annual work plans effectively contribute to achieving the...

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