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What is Climate Change Communication? Climate change communication refers to the diverse processes by which climate change-related information, knowledge, ideas, emotions, meaning, values, and behaviors flow between individuals and through...
Designing Marine Protected Area Networks to Achieve Fisheries Biodiversity and Climate Change Objectives in Tropical Ecosystems: A Practitioners Guide
Choiseul Integrated Climate Change Programme
Coastal Management Profiles: A Directory of Pacific Island Governments and non Government Agencies with Coastal Management related Responsibilities
Cook Islands priority Environmental Problems (PEC) report 2004 An Economic Valuation of Watershed Pollution in Rarotonga, the Cook Islands 2006
Going into the Mangroves: mangrove field study booklet
Legal Frameworks for Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Climate Change in the Pacific Islands            
A guide to Community Vulnerability and Adaptation assessment and action
Pacific Islands Framework for Action on Climate Change 2006-2015
The PACC Programme Adapting to Climate Change in the Pacific: The PACC Programme