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Marshall Islands


Protected Area Count


Management Effectiveness Assessments

5,388.40 km² / 2,004,587.26 km² (0.27%) Protected


33.59 km² / 281.93 km² (11.92%) Protected


These statistics might differ from those reported officially by countries due to difference in methodologies and datasets used to assess protected area coverage and differences in the base maps used to measure terrestrial and marine area of a country or territory.

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Total: 1557
Endemic: 0
Threatened: 5
Threatened Endemic: 0
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Key Biodiversity Areas
Total: 15
Fully Protected: 0
Partially Protected: 9
Not Protected: 6
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Warm Water Coral Data
Total Area: 1992.452 km2
Protected Area: 358.466 km2
Protected Percentage: 18%

Original dataset provided by UNEP-WCMC (2021)

UNEP-WCMC and IUCN 2023,
Protected Planet: The World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA)/The Global Database on Protected Areas Management Effectiveness (GD-PAME),
Dec 2023, Cambridge, UK: UNEP-WCMC and IUCN.
Available at:
Designation Reported Area Reported Marine Area IUCN Category Management Plan Status Status Year WDPA ID
Bikini Conservation Area 2120.28km² 2032.87km² Ib Proposed 2006 555556766
Ailuk Conservation Area 25.13km² 24.11km² VI Not Reported Designated 2010 555583309
Rongelap Conservation Area 2912.76km² 2787.48km² VI Not Reported Designated 2002 555583362
Namdrik Conservation Area 26.59km² 16.19km² VI Not Reported Designated 2012 555592843
Rongerik Conservation Area 1047.87km² 1002.38km² VI Not Reported Designated 2006 555556767
Jaluit Conservation Area 201.93km² 197.42km² VI Designated 2002 555583329
Mili Atoll Conservation Area 98.50km² 96.10km² Ib Not Reported Designated 555583340
Bokaak (Taongi) Atoll Other Area 106.97km² 0.00km² Ia Not Reported Designated 4248
Kwajalein Conservation Area 7.77km² 7.77km² Ib Not Reported Designated 555592846
Bikar Atoll Other Area 56.31km² 0.00km² Ia Designated 4249
Ailinginae Conservation Area 1068.58km² 1024.74km² Ib Designated 2002 555583308
Majuro Conservation Area 2.83km² 0.00km² Ib Designated 2013 555592845
Namdrik Ramsar Site, Wetland of International Importance 26.59km² 16.19km² Not Reported Designated 2012 555555577
Jaluit Ramsar Site, Wetland of International Importance 201.93km² 197.42km² Not Reported Designated 2002 902678
Arno Conservation Area 71.45km² 62.25km² VI Not Reported Designated 2004 555583313
Likiep Atoll Conservation Area 0.32km² 0.31km² VI Designated 2006 555583334