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Micronesia (Federated States of)


Protected Area Count


Management Effectiveness Assessments

475.05 km² / 3,011,916.98 km² (0.02%) Protected


0.40 km² / 817.16 km² (0.05%) Protected


These statistics might differ from those reported officially by countries due to difference in methodologies and datasets used to assess protected area coverage and differences in the base maps used to measure terrestrial and marine area of a country or territory.

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Total: 2062
Endemic: 24
Threatened: 17
Threatened Endemic: 9
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Key Biodiversity Areas
Total: 58
Fully Protected: 0
Partially Protected: 1
Not Protected: 57
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Warm Water Coral Data
Total Area: 3171.836 km2
Protected Area: 55.661 km2
Protected Percentage: 1.8%

Original dataset provided by UNEP-WCMC (2021)

UNEP-WCMC and IUCN 2023,
Protected Planet: The World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA)/The Global Database on Protected Areas Management Effectiveness (GD-PAME),
Sep 2023, Cambridge, UK: UNEP-WCMC and IUCN.
Available at:
Designation Reported Area Reported Marine Area IUCN Category Management Plan Status Status Year WDPA ID
Utwe UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserve 17.73km² 0.00km² Not Applicable Not Reported Designated 2005 902505
And Atoll UNESCO-MAB Biosphere Reserve 1.15km² 1.00km² Not Applicable Not Reported Designated 2007 555547540
Nahmwen Na Stingray Sanctuary 0.23km² 0.00km² V Not Reported Designated 315565
Orloluk Sanctuary 469.28km² 0.00km² V Not Reported Designated 315516
Rumung Marine Conservation Area 2.86km² 0.00km² V Not Reported Designated 555583364