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Protected Area Count


Management Effectiveness Assessments

129,207.35 km² / 318,243.69 km² (40.60%) Protected


54.72 km² / 267.76 km² (20.44%) Protected


These statistics might differ from those reported officially by countries due to difference in methodologies and datasets used to assess protected area coverage and differences in the base maps used to measure terrestrial and marine area of a country or territory.

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Total: 985
Endemic: 0
Threatened: 9
Threatened Endemic: 0
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Key Biodiversity Areas
Total: 1
Fully Protected: 0
Partially Protected: 1
Not Protected: 0
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Warm Water Coral Data
Total Area: 15.382 km2
Protected Area: 0.38 km2
Protected Percentage: 2.5%

Original dataset provided by UNEP-WCMC (2021)

UNEP-WCMC and IUCN 2024,
Protected Planet: The World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA)/The Global Database on Protected Areas Management Effectiveness (GD-PAME),
Mar 2024, Cambridge, UK: UNEP-WCMC and IUCN.
Available at:
Designation Reported Area Reported Marine Area IUCN Category Management Plan Status Status Year WDPA ID
Niue Moana Mahu Marine Protected Area marine protected area 127000.00km² 127000.00km² Not Reported Not Reported Designated 2020 555705568
Kanumea Tree Taboo 0.64km² 0.00km² Not Reported Not Reported Established 1992 555651491
Tualagi Tapu Area Taboo 0.66km² 0.00km² Not Reported Not Reported Established 1992 555651492
Hakupu Heritage Park Area Cultural and Heritage Park 0.05km² 0.00km² III Not Reported Established 1998 313496
Vailoapu-Namoui Marine Protected Area 0.23km² 0.23km² VI Not Reported Established 1998 555547608
Huvalu Conservation Area Forest Conservation Area 57.70km² 30.15km² VI Not Reported Established 1992 61918