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The FLMMA Network was the first country-level network to operate independently of the overall LMMA Network. The FLMMA approach, which works to promote and encourage the preservation, protection and sustainable use of marine resources by the resource owners, has been formally adopted by the Fiji Government. The network has worked to help bring back traditional management practices and the state Government is now in the process of transferring ownership of coastal areas and resources back to traditional land-owning clans.

The FLMMA Operations Guide which is designed to provide guidance on the FLMMA network’s procedures and operational structure contains the FLMMA’s vision, mission and objectives along with details of how to become a member of the FLMMA. It also outlines various levels of monitoring, core values, organizational structure and financial regulations of the NGO. This could be useful resource for NGOs in other countries needing some assistance in developing their structures and operational procedures etc.

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