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The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) presents these guidelines for undertaking rapid biodiversity assessments in its Pacific island member countries and territories: Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia. These assessments are referred to as BIORAPs. The guidelines are recommended to be used by SPREP members for the planning and implementation of terrestrial and marine BIORAP surveys, and subsequent monitoring of important sites. Survey methodologies and systems selected as part of the guidelines should:

■ Take account of the IUCN Red List status of species.

■ Enable the identification of priority habitats or areas based on those species.

■ Enable the identification of Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs), Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and/or other ecological significant areas.

■ Address the identification of threats posed by invasive plants and fauna.

■ Take account of climate change implications.

■ Address approaches for the assessment of both marine and terrestrial ecosystem resilience and vulnerability.

■ Involve local communities in all aspects of the BIORAP.

The guidelines will support the implementation of regional, national, and international biodiversity-focused plans, including the Convention on Biological Diversity Strategic Plan and Aichi Targets, Pacific Oceanscape Framework, SPREP Strategic Plan and the Regional Framework for Nature Conservation and Protected Areas 2014–2020.