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Information and Knowledge Management for Climate Change (IKM4CC) Guidelines: complete set

The five IKM4CC Guidelines provide detailed advice on a range of information management topics and practices.  The guidelines are relevant to information managers, information officers and any other people involved in collecting, storing, describing or sharing climate change-related information.

The guidelines include theory and practice and provide practical resources and examples from the Pacific.  Topics covered by the guidelines include:

  • Overview of data storage solutions
  • Finding and sharing data and information
  • Describing and documenting information (metadata)
  • Copyright, privacy and confidentiality
  • Open licensing and open access

Resources include:

  •               sample data stocktake spreadsheet
  •               sample data sharing agreement
  •               sample website ‘terms and conditions of use’ statements
  •               good-practice examples of metadata (cataloguing) records
  •               links to climate change information repositories and portals
  •               links to other information management guides and websites

The IKM4CC Framework and Guidelines can be accessed and downloaded via the Pacific Climate Change Portal at They have been licensed with Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial Licences to allow broad distribution and reuse.

The guidelines have been developed in collaboration with representatives from the iCLIM pilot countries Fiji, Tonga and Vanuatu, with valuable input from practitioners and organisations in the region including SPC, GIZ, UNDP, PARBICA and Fiji Archives. Although they are focused on climate change-related information, they are also highly relevant to other types of information.