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Protected Areas Learning and Research Collaboration (PALRC)

The purposes of PALRC are to:

  • Grow professional capacity for effective management and governance of protected areas in the Australian, Asian and Pacific region​
  • Develop and deliver an integrated suite of training and educational products that provide the basic and advanced knowledge and skills sets required of practitioners at field officer level, protected area level and system manager levels for ethical, effective protected areas governance and management.
  • Provide professional development short courses, bachelor and post-graduate degrees, and other appropriate courses including articulated/modulated courses that lead to further accreditation and also provide a bridge from vocational to higher education training.
  • Achieve globally recogonised accreditation for the Collaboration and its activities
  • Build international capacity and collaboration in protected areas management and training to support continuous learning and improvement.
  • Draw on the strengths, expertise and specialised capacities of universities, Protected Area agencies and other institutions in Australia, Asia and the Pacific to offer the highest quality educational training products, applied learning experiences and research.
  • Foster, coordinate and disseminate natural areas research.
  • Recognise, foster and promote excellence and exemplary practice in protected areas management

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