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Pacific Sea Turtle Conservation Monitoring and Surveying : Pacific BioScapes Programme - Regional Activity

Since 2003, Pacific Islands countries and territories have endorsed five-yearly iterations of the Pacific Islands Regional Marine Species Programme and Action Plans for whales and dolphins, marine turtles, seabirds, dugong and sharks and rays. Call Number: [EL]Physical Description: 1 p.

Mapping and Monitoring Coral reefs for Improved Resiliecne - Pacific BioScapes Programme - Regional Activity

The Pacific Region is home to approximately 25 per cent of the world's corals. Climate change, ocean acidification and pollution are having an impact on these reefs and large-scale responses to there threats are urgently needed. Call Number: [EL]Physical Description: 1 p.

Monitoring Coastal ecosystems : Pacific BioScapes Programme - Tonga

The Pacific BioScapes is supporting local community monitoring of coastal ecosystem resilience on the islands of Maninita, Taula, Fangasito, Fonua'one'one, Mu'omu'a and Fua'amotu in the Vava'u group. This aims to assess the benefits for biodiversity that occur following the eradication of invasive speciesCall Number: [EL]Physical Description: 1 p.