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December 21, 2020

After watching the documentary by David Attenborough, ‘Life on our planet’, at the National Convention Centre in a reception hosted by the British High Commission and French Embassy, Leader of Opposition Ralph Regenvanu says rainforests and nature of a whole are being destroyed by the modernized

Perspectives on the Economics of the Environment in the Shadow of Coronavirus

The Environmental and Resource Economics special issue “Economics of the Environment in the Shadow of Coronavirus” comes at a hugely critical time for environmental economists and policy makers alike. We are in a situation of significant social change, a change that could potentially lay the foundation for mankind’s future in the years to come.

Effects of Physical Distancing to Control COVID‑19 on Public Health, the Economy, and the Environment

Physical distancing measures are important tools to control disease spread, especially in the absence of treatments and vaccines. While distancing measures can safeguard public health, they also can profoundly impact the economy and may have important indirect effects on the environment. The extent to which physical distancing measures should be applied therefore depends on the trade-offs between their health benefits and their economic costs.

Public Awareness of Nature and the Environment During the COVID‑19 Crisis

As our behavioral patterns change due to the COVID-19 crisis, our impact on nature and the environment changes too. Pollution levels are showing significant reductions. People are more aware of the importance of access to local green and blue spaces. By analyzing online search behavior in twenty European countries, we investigate how public awareness of nature and the environment has evolved during the COVID-19 crisis. We find that the crisis goes hand in hand with a positive shift in public awareness of nature-related topics, but that awareness of environmental topics remains unaffected.