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Elinor is a flexible tool and data system designed to track equitable management and governance status in areas under protection or management. Elinor seeks to streamline data collection, entry, and visualization for information on management, governance, and equity while also allowing flexibility on how data is gathered.

Download Elinor Protocol (Pdf - English)

IUCN WCPA Technical Note - Equity in conservation – what, why and how?

Achieving the target to conserve 30% of land and sea requires strong emphasis on equity. Equity in conservation is a matter of governance and includes recognition and respect for actors and their human and resource rights, equity in procedure (e.g., participation, accountability) and equitable cost/benefit distribution. Equity in conservation is crucial both for ethical reasons and for effective conservation and applies both to conservation actions on site, and to complementary actions designed to support conservation (e.g., stewardship incentives, support for local schools).