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September 21, 2019

The US government has given more than $US5 million to fight invasive species in its overseas territories and states. The money will fund programmes that include exterminating the coconut rhinocerous beetle and invasive trees, as well as supporting coral farming.


How MPAs Safeguard the High Seas

The high seas begin 200 nautical miles from coastal shores, beyond the jurisdiction of any country. Their vast expanse and distance from shore pose challenges for exploration and knowledge gathering. However, scientific expeditions in recent years have revealed that these areas, which make up nearly two-thirds of the world’s ocean, harbor an incredible array of species that provide essential services for life on Earth.

August 23, 2019

The state of emergency declared over the invasive coconut rhinoceros beetle in the north east of Vanuatu's Efate island is likely to be extended...the Ministry of Agriculture's Phillip Meto said the destruction of beetle breeding sites had not been completed and the emergency could be extended.Th