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Marine coastal ecosystems and human well-being: a synthesis report based on the findings of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

Coastal and marine ecosystems are amongst the most productive ecosystems in the world and provide many services to human society; however, many of these ecosystems have become degraded. Food provisioning in the form of fisheries catch is one of the most important services derived from coastal and marine ecosystems. With more than a billion people relying on fish as their main or sole source of animal protein, fisheries in developing countries are a particularly important source of protein.

Northern Bougainville Marine Resource Assesement, autonomous region of Bougainville : technical report of survey conducted from the 1st -25th November 2008

This survey was conducted in the northern part of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville between 1st – 25th of November 2008. The survey covered the western side and outer islands of Buka Island, the Saposa and Buka Town region and the Tinputz region on north eastern side of Bougainville Island. The survey team was comprised of marine scientists, conservationists and fisheries’ officers. The survey provided an assessment of the status of sea cucumbers, reef fish and corals in Northern Bougainville, with recommendations for their conservation and management.
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Fiji coral reef conservation project, 1st annual report / prepared by James Comley et al.

The shallow coastal zone of Fiji is comprised of three major, interrelated habitat types: marine algae and seagrass; large areas of mangroves; and extensive coral reefs. The marine resources include approximately 1000 coral reefs with representatives of all major reef types (Vuki et al.y 2000). Although marine biodiversity is lower than the 'coral triangle' of Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and north-eastern Australia, Fiji does support approximately 200 species of coral (Veron, 2000).

From reef to retail

Millions of visitors to public aquariums and thousands of snorkelers and divers across the globe are amazed by the diversity of life on coral reefs. Looking to replicate
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The ecosystems of small islands in the Southwest Pacific (the sixth expedition of the SS "Callisto") / J.C. Pernetta and H.I. Manner (eds.)

The main objective of the expedition was to compare as large a series of islands of different climatic conditions, ages and geological origins as possible. This necessitated short visits to each selected island. The structure and components of the ecosystem under study were the focus of attention, while their functioning was considered to be of secondary importance.
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