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April 1, 2021

The National Forest Inventory (NFI) has been progressing well since it began last year covering almost all selected islands, with only Gaua, Maewo and Ambae left to be completed...Upon completion of the remaining islands and further analysis of data generated, the Department of Forests (DoF) will

January 22, 2021

The chair of the Pacific Islands Forum has welcomed the re-entry of the United States to the Paris climate agreement.  With hours of his taking the oath as the 46th US President, Joe Biden issued an executive order for the US to return to the Paris Agreement.

Navigating transformation of biodiversity and climate

This planet is the home of life, born into existence and transformed over 3.8 billion years into a continuous tapestry, covering all possible places from the deep ocean floors to mountain summits. Ours is a bioclimatic world in which every organism, from bacterium to blue whale, inseparably contributes to the climate and surface conditions of Earth. This tapestry, of which we are a part, is unraveling, with its delicate patterns and motifs denigrated to near invisibility, disappearing at a rate and magnitude that rivals that of the great mass extinction events of the past (2, 3).

December 13, 2019

Fiji's government has said that at least 30 percent of Fiji's EEZ will be declared protected areas by 2030. Speaking at the Moana Blue Pacific Pavilion as part of COP25, Mr Bainimarama said Fiji was taking steps to chart a different future for the oceans.