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WWF Living Planet Report 2022 - Building a Nature-Positive Society

This edition of the Living Planet Report confirms the planet is in the midst of a biodiversity and climate crisis, and that we have a last chance to act. This goes beyond conservation. A nature-positive future needs transformative - game changing - shifts in how we produce, how we consume, how we govern, and what we finance. We hope it inspires you to be part of that change.

Full Report (Pdf)

Conservation planning

This report provides a concise summary of the processes and outcomes for planning and development of the conservation Blueprint for the Kikori River Basin landscape. The planning and development exercise was concluded in December 2011 providing the most complete data analysis on available conservation and biodiversity information for the provincial land-use plans in the Kikori River Basin landscape for the local level governments and provincial governments of Gulf, Southern Highlands,Hela and Enga

May 28, 2021

WWF urges all states fishing for tuna to implement a set of urgently needed measures – including 100% observer coverage on all industrial fishing vessels by 2030 and recovery plans for all critically endangered and endangered oceanic sharks and rays by 2026 – in order to prevent extinctions and r